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Reviewed: Jan 2024. Legal Team

  1. Purpose and Scope of Application1.1. These Terms of Business are intended to govern the business relations between BVML (“BVML”) and its clients (“Client”). On the basis of these Terms of Business, BVML shall provide the Client with various services such as the foundation of companies (“Company”) and some additional related services (“Additional Services”) as well as assistance in relation to the opening of accounts with banks or non-banking financial service providers (“Bank Account Opening”).

    1.2. These Terms of Business shall form an integral part of any agreement concluded between the Client and BVML upon the execution of BVML’s order form, either by way of online order or paper form (“Agreement”). By entering into an Agreement with BVML, the Client accepts these Terms of Business. A price list and a list of services are available on BVML’s website (www.dodoapps.com).

    1.3. Any Terms of Business which deviate from, contradict, or supplement these Terms of Business shall not become a part of any Agreement, unless otherwise specifically agreed in writing between the Client and BVML.

    1.4. In the event of any conflict between these Terms of Business and any Agreement, the provisions of the Agreement shall prevail.

    1.5. BVML reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions at any time with immediate effect. The Client shall be notified of such amendments by notice in writing. Amendments shall be deemed approved by the Client unless BVML receives a written objection within four weeks from the date of the notice.

    Content and Scope of the Services

    Foundation and Management of a Company and Additional Services

    2.1. BVML can perform the service of incorporating a Company for the Client, in the jurisdictions specified on BVML’s website (www.dodoapps.com). BVML can also organize the supply, either through its affiliated companies or third parties, of Additional Services such as nominee directors, nominee shareholders, internet merchant account, company logo, company seal, company rubber stamp, power of attorney, notarization & apostille on documents.

    2.2. All Additional Services will be provided based on a specific agreement between the Client and the relevant provider, except for seals, stamps, logos, notarization & apostille.

    Bank Account Opening

    2.3. BVML can assist in the opening of accounts with banks or other financial service providers (“Bank”), such as collection account providers, for the Client. BVML may propose a list of Banks, but the Client is responsible for the choice. The Client may choose a Bank from the list provided by BVML or a third-party Bank. The successful setup of additional services like credit cards, chequebooks, or internet banking access is not guaranteed and is offered “as is”. The service can only be used for legal purposes as defined by applicable law.

    Right to Refuse Services

    BVML reserves the right to refuse services to any Client without providing a reason or explanation, and cannot be held responsible for such refusal under any circumstances.

    Legal Advice

    While BVML aims to provide accurate information on its services, it does not provide legal advice. The Client is responsible for ensuring they have obtained all necessary tax and legal advice regarding the establishment and operation of the Company, and ensuring activities comply with relevant laws.

    Legal Purposes

    The Client warrants not to use the rights granted under any Agreement for illegal, obscene, immoral, or defamatory purposes, and not to use BVML’s name, in whole or in part, for trading activities. BVML reserves the right to cooperate with any official investigating authority if required in relation to allegations against the Client.

    Anti-Money Laundering and Due Diligence

    The Client shall provide BVML with necessary information to ensure the Company complies with anti-money laundering legislation. The Client represents that assets or funds introduced to a Company do not derive from crime or illegal activities. The Client shall promptly inform BVML of any changes in beneficial ownership, shareholding, or officers of the Company. Beneficial owners indicated by the Client shall sign a “Form A” as required in the Agreement.

    Obligations of the Client

    Due diligence documentation may include providing Business Ventures Management Limited with original certified copies of identity documents, proof of legal domicile no older than 3 months, a banker’s reference letter, certified copies of corporate documentation, and certified translations where applicable. Certification must meet the requirements of the applicable jurisdiction and BVML’s instructions, if any. The Client must provide requested due diligence material before BVML commences services.

    Fees and Payment Terms

    In General

    8.1. The Client agrees to pay BVML’s fees. BVML’s schedule of fees is available on its website (www.dodoapps.com). In addition to website fees, the Client agrees to pay any out-of-pocket expenses, including those for meetings, general meetings of the company, preparing or forwarding notices or statements, and similar expenses.

    8.2. BVML initiates an execution phase upon receiving full payment of fees. Fees and charges are payable in the currency nominated by BVML, usually Dollars or Bitcoin. BVML has the right to impose or alter payment terms if measures or resolutions are executed by Management or the Company’s Risk Operations Team. The Client may not withhold fees or interest due to service claims, guarantees, or liabilities. The Client’s right of set-off is excluded.

    Foundation and Management of a Company

    8.3. The Client owes BVML a one-time set-up fee for Company incorporation, plus annual fees. The set-up fee varies by jurisdiction and includes a company address, registered agent, and all documents for full company operation upon registration: certificate of incorporation, memorandum and articles of association, resolution for director nomination and share distribution, and share certificate(s).

    Annual fees are paid upon registration or renewal and include ongoing compliance verification and renewal of company address, registered agent, and government charges. Annual fees are non-refundable. The Client also owes BVML government fees, taxes, third-party disbursements, Nominee Directors or Shareholders fees, and transfer fees.

    BVML may review annual fees, notifying the Client at least one month before service commencement. Fees are payable exclusively via bank transfer.


    8.4. If renewal fees are overdue despite regular invoicing and Client notification, BVML may invoice for overdue fees and applicable registry penalties to reinstate the Client’s company.


    Bank Account Opening

    8.6. The Client owes BVML a one-time fee for bank account opening services. The set-up fee can change without notice and may be quoted in any agreed currency. The Client pays before BVML begins service, by any legal means including through legal counsel.

    Appointment of a Director

    8.7. The Client certifies each director named in an order form submitted to BVML consents to be a company director upon incorporation and is at least 18 years old.

    Other Introduction Services

    8.8. The Client owes BVML a one-time non-refundable fee for introduction and application assistance with third-party service providers. This fee covers BVML’s service costs only. BVML is not part of the Client’s relationship with third-party providers. The Client renounces any claim to finder’s fees BVML may receive from third-party providers if the Client’s application is accepted.

    Communication and Instructions

    The Client and BVML may communicate instructions, notices, documents, or other communications by mail, email, BVML’s web portal, or fax. BVML may send fee notes by email attachment. Both parties must retain all communications for proof. Communications are addressed to BVML’s registered office or another address BVML notifies in writing, or to the Client’s address or another address the Client notifies in writing. The Client agrees to promptly inform BVML of address, email, or telephone/fax changes. Email termination notices for registered company services must be sent to support@dodoapps.com.

    Data Processing and Data Protection

    10.1. BVML processes personal data as defined by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), including information identifying natural persons (data subjects). BVML processes data for operations such as collection, recording, organization, storage, retrieval, consultation, use, disclosure, alignment, combination, restriction, erasure, or destruction.

    Recipients of personal data may include BVML’s affiliated companies, subcontractors, registered agents, IT suppliers, financial providers, banks introduced by the Client, public company registries, or legal authorities. Disclosures comply with GDPR, and contractual obligations ensure both parties handle data confidentially.

    The Client must maintain accurate personal data throughout the BVML relationship and submit supporting documents as BVML requests.

    10.2. Affiliated companies or registered agents act as BVML’s data processors. Further details on data sharing are in BVML’s privacy policy.

    10.3. The Client may request more information on data processing by contacting BVML or emailing gdpr@dodoapps.com. Communication is in English unless BVML consents to another language.

    10.4. The Client may withdraw consent to data processing, affecting only processing legality before withdrawal or lawful processing continuation.

    The Client warrants valid consent from any applicable data subject for data processing through BVML, as needed for service or due diligence.

    10.5. BVML, its directors, employees, or agents handle data confidentially. Despite precautions, third parties may access data including email and financial data transmitted between the Client and BVML. Client software, like browsers, supports security protocols matching BVML’s.

    10.6. Clause 10 provides initial data protection information.

    Legal Incapacity

    The Client bears risk from any lack of legal capacity of themselves, attorneys, or third parties, unless BVML receives written notice.

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