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BVML specializes in assisting clients with establishing and managing offshore and international bank accounts, leveraging expertise in identifying and collaborating with appropriate offshore and international banking institutions.


Due to our extensive involvement in offshore banking and international financial activities, we are well-placed to provide informed advice to our clients based on our deep insights.

It’s crucial to note that BVML is not an offshore bank, but rather an international provider of corporate and trust services. Nonetheless, many of the companies and trusts under our administration choose to open accounts with international and offshore banks rather than domestic ones for several reasons:

  • Familiarity with offshore and international business practices
  • Global investment and business perspectives
  • Tax efficiency
  • Confidentiality
  • Absence of foreign exchange controls
  • Access to unique investment opportunities


Opening a bank account through a management company typically involves several straightforward steps:

  1. Choosing the Management Company: Select a reputable service provider like BVML that specializes in setting up bank accounts. These companies excel in assisting both businesses and individuals with various administrative tasks, including banking.
  2. Contacting BVML: Initiate the process by reaching out to BVML via their website, email, or phone. Our team will guide you through the necessary information and documentation requirements.
  3. Providing Required Documentation: Prepare and submit essential documents, such as:
    • Identification documents (passport, national ID, etc.)
    • Proof of address (utility bill, lease agreement, etc.)
    • Business documents (if applicable), such as incorporation certificate, memorandum, articles of association, etc.
  4. Choosing the Bank: BVML maintains partnerships with banks and offers tailored recommendations to meet your specific needs, such as international banking or currency preferences. They will assist in selecting the most suitable bank from their network.
  5. Completing Forms: Fill out any required forms or applications provided by BVML and the chosen bank.
  6. Submitting Your Application: BVML will handle the submission of your application to the bank, ensuring all documentation is meticulously prepared and in order.
  7. Bank Approval and Account Setup: Upon approval by the bank, you will receive your account details.
  8. Activating Your Account: Follow the bank’s instructions to activate your account, which may include making an initial deposit or fulfilling other requirements.
  9. Confirmation: BVML will notify you once your account is active and offer ongoing support as needed.

It’s crucial to partner with a reputable management company like BVML, experienced in bank account setups, to ensure a smooth and compliant process.

Bank Introductions as Part of BVML’s Services

BVML offers comprehensive bank introduction services to help businesses establish essential banking relationships. Our expertise ensures a smooth and efficient process tailored to meet your specific financial needs. Key features of our service include:

  1. Tailored Bank Selection:
    • We identify and recommend the most suitable banks based on your business requirements, industry, and geographical presence.
  2. Account Opening Assistance:
    • Our team assists with the preparation and submission of all necessary documentation to facilitate the opening of business bank accounts.
  3. Expert Guidance:
    • BVML provides expert advice on banking options, helping you choose accounts that offer the best benefits, such as low fees, convenient online banking, and access to credit facilities.
  4. Compliance Support:
    • We ensure that your application meets all regulatory and compliance requirements, reducing the risk of delays or rejections.
  5. Ongoing Support:
    • After the account is opened, we offer continued support to address any banking-related queries or issues that may arise.
  6. Global Reach:
    • With our extensive network of banking partners worldwide, BVML can facilitate bank introductions in multiple jurisdictions, supporting your international business operations.

Our bank introduction service simplifies the process of establishing reliable banking relationships, allowing you to focus on growing your business with the confidence that your financial transactions are in good hands.

Our Banking Partners

Our years of Business relationships with
our Partner Banks allows us to secure your Business Bank Accounts and
Direct Merchant Accounts with ease.

    In some countries, an international business license is required to operate. Additionally, if you wish to be a major shareholder in a company headquartered in a country that mandates such a license, you will need approval before acquiring a stake. While requirements vary by country, there are several basic steps to obtaining an international business license. Business Ventures Management Limited is your one-stop hub, having structured over 18,000 Global Businesses worldwide to date.


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