BVML provides professional company formation and administration services across a wide range of financial centers, including Europe, the USA, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and the Pacific regions. We have established over 18,000 companies for our clients and continue to manage many of them today. Our offices are situated in key fiscal centers worldwide, and we are well-versed in global tax treaties and local corporate and tax laws. Each local office offers an end-to-end service to ensure a robust and comprehensive solution for your international tax planning needs.

Company Management & Company Secretarial Services

BVML provides customized incorporation services worldwide. Whether you aim to establish a corporate presence in Europe, the USA, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, or offshore, our service is fast, cost-effective, and solution-oriented.

Our incorporation and related services include:

  • Offshore company formation in all jurisdictions
  • Company formation in all European countries
  • Company formation in all 50 States of the USA
  • Company formation in Middle East
  • Company formation in Africa
  • Company formation in Asia, Australia and New Zealand
  • Branch registration of Foreign Corporations
  • Representative office registration
  • Provision of registered office facilities
  • Provision of registered agents
  • Provision of local representatives and agents

Company Formation & Domiciliation Services

We ensure your company is structured correctly in accordance with legislation, with statutory records and annual returns maintained using advanced company secretarial software to fulfill all obligations each year.

Our services include:

  • – Provision of professional directors and nominee owners
  • – Provision of company secretaries, managers, and other officers
  • – Establishment and maintenance of statutory records
  • – Corporate structuring
  • – Issuance of share certificates or other ownership instruments
  • – Preparation and filing of annual returns
  • – Preparation and filing of license applications
  • – Preparation, filing, and payment of license fees
  • – Translation services in all major languages
  •  Corporate governance and international compliance

For more information about company incorporation, please refer to the Incorporation FAQ & Guides.

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Top countries for establishing a company in 2024

Setting up a business is incredibly exciting but can also be quite stressful. Different countries have varying levels of red tape and regulation for new businesses, making navigation challenging. Therefore, entrepreneurs need to carefully consider the best countries for establishing a company.

Factors such as corporate tax rates, market competition, and employee retention significantly impact the potential profitability and ease of starting a business abroad. Each factor should be thoroughly evaluated when deciding on the best country for tax purposes, employment, start-up costs, and more.

To simplify the process, we’ve compiled a guide to help you choose the best country for your new business venture. This guide includes a breakdown of 19 countries worldwide that we find most favorable for new companies.

Considerations for selecting optimal countries to launch a business

When determining the best country to establish a company, Mauve considers several critical factors for our clients expanding their operations overseas. These metrics include:

Corporation Tax: Varied rates affect profit retention; lower rates enhance profitability.
Business Rates: Impact property-based operations; fluctuations are common.
Economic Growth: Indicates market potential and competition; higher GDP may necessitate more startup capital.

Market Competition: Presence influences market penetration and niche profitability.
Infrastructure: Essential for operational efficiency; availability reduces startup costs.
Start-Up Costs: Vary widely; registration and operational expenses crucial.

Employee Skill: Quality influences business success; skilled labor enhances product/service value.

Employee Happiness: Affects productivity and retention; contentment fosters stability.
Labour Laws: Regulatory compliance impacts costs; varying laws require understanding.

Quality and Cost of Living: Influences consumer spending and market viability.
Political Stability: Ensures economic stability and business security.
Proximity to Markets: Geographic alignment minimizes logistical costs and environmental impact.

Understanding the social, cultural, and economic context of each potential country is crucial, as factors like historical issues, social stability, and labor practices can significantly impact business operations and success.

Examining optimal countries for starting a company across continents

Having explored the various factors to consider when selecting a country, we can now delve into our list of the top 19 countries to set up a company in 2024. Grouped by continent, each entry provides insight into why these countries offer significant advantages for entrepreneurs and business owners looking to expand:

Asia Asia has demonstrated robust economic growth, outstripping the USA and EU by the end of 2023. While establishing or expanding into Asia poses challenges such as language and cultural barriers, the region holds immense potential. Here are the top countries:

  1. Singapore: A wealthy nation known for its robust economy, ease of doing business, and skilled workforce. It offers access to global markets through numerous free trade agreements.
  2. India: With a massive workforce and one of Asia’s fastest-growing economies, India presents opportunities despite challenges in employee happiness and income inequality.
  3. China: Known for affordable labor and the world’s largest manufacturing sector, China also boasts a rapidly growing consumer market and favorable business environment in certain industries.
  4. Philippines: With its tourism industry and English-speaking workforce, the Philippines offers a diverse market and relatively low VAT rates.
  5. Vietnam: Emerging from historical challenges, Vietnam’s economy thrives in sectors like automotive, IT, and tourism, supported by its membership in global trade agreements.
  6. Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur serves as a financial hub with diverse demographics and strong economic growth, making it attractive for business ventures.

Europe Europe dominates as the easiest region to start a business, facilitated by the Schengen Area’s borderless travel and robust trade agreements. Here are some top countries:

  1. Ireland: Known for its low corporate tax rates and strategic location post-Brexit, Ireland attracts global tech giants and businesses.
  2. Germany: Europe’s largest economy excels in technology and manufacturing, driven by stringent quality standards and central location.
  3. United Kingdom (UK): Despite Brexit uncertainties, the UK offers streamlined business setup procedures and a diverse economy.
  4. Czechia (Czech Republic): Surprising with its low startup costs and supportive business environment, Czechia is a rising star in entrepreneurship.
  5. Finland: Boasting high happiness levels and low startup costs, Finland offers a stable business environment with strong social welfare.
  6. Denmark: Known for high salaries and social welfare, Denmark provides favorable conditions for startups with low startup costs.
  7. Switzerland: Famed for its low tax rates and wealthy population, Switzerland supports various industries with a highly skilled workforce.
  8. Spain: Rich in cultural heritage and resilient in economic growth, Spain offers stability and business opportunities across sectors.

North and South America Both continents offer unique advantages, including strong work ethics and booming tech sectors:

  1. Canada: Geographically advantageous with low corporate tax rates, Canada offers proximity to the US market and favorable conditions for startups.
  2. Brazil: A major global economy with rich natural resources, Brazil supports diverse industries despite complex tax systems.
  3. Mexico: Proximity to the US market and a skilled workforce make Mexico attractive, despite political uncertainties.
  4. United States of America (USA): A global tech hub with a diverse economy and stable political environment, the USA remains a top choice for startups.

Middle East The Middle East’s strategic location and business-friendly policies attract international investors:

  1. United Arab Emirates (UAE): Known for free trade zones with 0% tax rates and favorable business conditions, the UAE serves as a gateway between East and West.

Streamlining Global Business Expansion with Mauve Setting up a company abroad presents challenges but offers transformative benefits. Each country listed provides unique advantages, from cost-effective labor and skilled workforces to favorable tax policies and access to global markets. To navigate these opportunities effectively and ensure compliance with local regulations, partnering with global business experts like Mauve Group can optimize your expansion strategy. Contact us today for expert guidance on setting up your business abroad.

    In some countries, an international business license is required to operate. Additionally, if you wish to be a major shareholder in a company headquartered in a country that mandates such a license, you will need approval before acquiring a stake. While requirements vary by country, there are several basic steps to obtaining an international business license. Business Ventures Management Limited is your one-stop hub, having structured over 18,000 Global Businesses worldwide to date.


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