As a team of legal, accounting, and business specialists, BVML leverages its global expertise in corporate and tax law to address the diverse tax planning challenges our clients encounter. This uniquely positions us to advise on selecting the most suitable jurisdiction and corporate or tax planning vehicle to meet your specific needs.

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Advisory Services

For both personal and corporate needs, whether you’re saving for a significant purchase, investing in new assets for your company, or planning for early retirement, your financial adviser will work closely with you to find a solution tailored to your circumstances and future goals.

No matter the type of financial advice you require, our advisers strive to minimize risk by thoroughly assessing your financial situation against market prospects and industry best practices.

We charge a fee for our services, which depends on the complexity of your situation and objectives. Our fees also consider any regulatory responsibilities associated with the advice we provide.

For investments, you and your adviser will agree on a fee that can be paid directly to us or deducted by the investment provider. For insurance and mortgages, you can choose to pay by commission or a fee. Your adviser will discuss and finalize fees and payment options with you in advance before starting any work on your behalf.

For more information, please refer to the Trust & Foundations FAQ & Guides below.


BVML provides expert tax law consultancy to help clients navigate the complexities of tax regulations. Our services include:

  1. Tax Planning and Strategy: We offer tailored tax planning strategies to optimize tax liabilities and ensure compliance with local and international tax laws.
  2. Compliance and Reporting: Our team ensures that your business meets all tax compliance requirements, including accurate and timely tax reporting.
  3. Tax Dispute Resolution: We assist in resolving tax disputes with authorities, providing representation and negotiation to protect your interests.
  4. Regulatory Updates: BVML keeps you informed of the latest changes in tax laws and regulations, helping you stay compliant and avoid penalties.
  5. Cross-Border Taxation: We provide guidance on international tax issues, including transfer pricing, double taxation treaties, and global tax structuring.

With BVML’s expertise, you can effectively manage your tax obligations, minimize risks, and focus on your core business activities.

    In some countries, an international business license is required to operate. Additionally, if you wish to be a major shareholder in a company headquartered in a country that mandates such a license, you will need approval before acquiring a stake. While requirements vary by country, there are several basic steps to obtaining an international business license. Business Ventures Management Limited is your one-stop hub, having structured over 18,000 Global Businesses worldwide to date.


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