David Farell

David was born in England, but he’s firmly rooted in Denmark where he has lived for the majority of his life. Having graduated from Aarhus University and worked for a major Danish law firm and been seconded to different corporate clients, David switched to the corporate side and joined RCPSecure as a legal counsel and attorney-at law for the International Business Group. In 2014 David became Head of Legal for the International business managing a team of lawyers that work with and support our overseas markets.

    In some countries, an international business license is required to operate. Additionally, if you wish to be a major shareholder in a company headquartered in a country that mandates such a license, you will need approval before acquiring a stake. While requirements vary by country, there are several basic steps to obtaining an international business license. Business Ventures Management Limited is your one-stop hub, having structured over 18,000 Global Businesses worldwide to date.


    217/1, 21st September Avenue,
    Naxxar NXR 1013, Malta.